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Mr. Pearse has offices in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and accepts cases in any province or territory except Quebec.


Why Alan Pearse?

He, literally, wrote the book on impaired driving.

Mr. Pearse is the author of A Guide to Breathalyzer Certificates in Canada, a legal textbook for lawyers, crown and judges.
He routinely gives lectures and advice to other lawyers throughout Canada on impaired driving.

Case Results

A Proven Track Record Of Success

All Charges Dismissed

R v U, 2015

Crown fails to provide disclosure of maintenance records in a timely manner. Crown attempts to seek adjournment at date of trial. Crown application denied. All charges dismissed.

All Charges Dismissed

R v C, 2016

Crown refuses to drop charges. Trial proceeds. During trial, it becomes obvious that arresting officer had very weak grounds for making breath demand. Certificate of Analysis excluded. All charges dismissed.

All Charges Dismissed

R v M, 2016

Client involved in major car accident, but is not found driving the motor vehicle. All charges dismissed.

All Charges Dismissed

R v P, 2015

Client is charged with impaired/08 and taken to the police station. Police neglect to do “15 minute observation period” before breath sample taken. Crown cannot rely on evidentiary presumption, and neglected to retain extrapolation expert. All charges dismissed.

All Charges Dismissed

R v G, 2015

Client is charged with impaired/08 and taken to police station. Client has negative personality conflict with arresting officer. Officer decides to keep client overnight, despite having a way to get home. Officer illegally detained client, in breach of s. 9 of the Charter (arbitrary detention). All charges dismissed.

All Charges Dismissed

R v M, 2014

Client drives car while intoxicated in order to save the lives of other people. Crown refuses to accept any reasonable deal, and seeks period of custody. Trial proceeds. Client convicted at trial. Mr. Pearse appeals to superior court for free. Superior court upholds conviction. Mr. Pearse appeals to Court of Appeal for free. Court of Appeal overturns conviction. Crown does not appeal to Supreme Court of Canada. All charges dismissed.

Mr. U


Alan did a very good job. I felt like the police were on trial.

Mr. C


Alan explained everything to me, so I knew what was going on. He won the trial.

Mz. W


I’m a single mother, and was going through a very bad breakup. I made a terrible mistake by drinking and driving, and put my child at risk. However, this is not who I really am. I’m generally very against drunk driving. I know that what I did was wrong, but I’m basically a good person. Alan met with me very quickly, and got the ball rolling. He was straightforward and honest, and told me what my chances were. I eventually decided to fight the charges, because I just couldn’t have a criminal record. I was very impressed with his abilities in court, and I eventually won the trial. Thank you so much.

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