Alberta DUI Lawyer

Alberta DUI Lawyer

In Canada, DUI is not simply DUI.

The provincial drink-driving laws in Alberta are among the harshest in the world – and there are numerous complexities with DUI charges that make it confusing for those accused.

Alberta DUI Lawyer

Often, for drivers charged with impaired driving or driving over the limit, it is the first time they set foot in a police station. This intimidating experience can cause them to say and do things that harm their case.

The consequences of a conviction for impaired driving or driving at or over 08 charges anywhere in Canada stretch far beyond a fine and a driving ban. The resulting criminal charge will follow you for the rest of your life.

Alan Pearse defends the rights and freedoms of those accused of DUI from his offices in Alberta.

He has been practicing law since 2000 and the vast majority of his work is on DUI cases – he has even published a book on the subject. Call 1-866-912-3560 to speak with Mr. Pearse now.

Areas we serve in Alberta

We serve the following areas of Alberta:

Accepting a DUI charge and thinking that you will get away with a fine and a short driving ban is generally wishful thinking.

The consequences can be far more serious – especially if you have a prior conviction.

Alan Pearse is one of the most experienced DUI lawyers in Alberta and has successfully defended the following types of cases:

Immediate Roadside Sanctions (IRS)

In December 2020, the Government of Alberta, as a practical matter, “decriminalized” impaired driving in Alberta.

This means that the vast majority of people charged under section 88.1 of the Traffic Safety Act will be dealing not with “Criminal Law” but with “Administrative Law.”  These two (2) areas of law are very different.  With Administrative Law, one appeals the IRS to Saferoads Alberta, and then to the Court of Queen’s Bench via Judicial Review.

Mr. Pearse is one of the very few lawyers who regularly do both of these types of litigation (i.e. Saferoads and Queen’s Bench.)  The defences are very technical and the process is highly counter-intuitive.  How the “Saferoads” appeal is conducted will affect how likely one is to win on a Queen’s Bench Review.

The limitation periods are very tight, with the initial appeal being filed within seven (7) days from the allegation.  As such, it is absolutely imperative that you contact Mr. Pearse within a day or so of being charged.  If you do not act very quickly, you will likely not be able to appeal your IRS.

Impaired driving

You do not need to be over the legal limit to be charged with a criminal driving offence in Alberta.

If a police officer suspects you of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and this has impaired your operation of a motor vehicle to any extent, you can be charged with impaired driving (Canada’s equivalent to DUI).

Because of the highly complex nature of these offences, it is important to get legal assistance from an experienced DUI lawyer like Alan Pearse.

Driving At or Over 08

Driving over 0.08 (also called “over 80”) is when you are accused of having over 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood in your system.

Alan Pearse has decades of experience in calling into doubt the evidence presented by the prosecution in such cases in Alberta.

Cases are generally very technical, often hinging on the equipment used to measure blood alcohol concentration or the level of prohibited drugs in a driver’s system. The equipment can be faulty or poorly calibrated and can be called into question by an experienced DUI attorney.

Refusal or failure

The consequences for refusing or failing to provide a breath or blood sample on demand from a law enforcement officer in Alberta are just as dire as if you were convicted of DUI.

This is surprising for some drivers, who may have been advised wrongly or be working off old information.

The hard reality is that you can still be charged and convicted even if you have not had a drop to drink. There may be good reasons why you were unable to provide a breath sample and Alan Pearse may use these in your defence.

Do you need legal advice about a DUI charge in Alberta?

If you are charged with an impaired driving offence in Alberta, your immediate rights and freedoms are in danger, as well as your driving privileges.

Speak to experienced impaired driving lawyer Alan Pearse for a free evaluation of your case.

Your call could prevent a lengthy license suspension, a fine, and a criminal conviction – but if you have no hope of escaping the charge, you will be told directly.